When Bind And Breeze Will Be Back In Valorant?

Bind and Breeze will no longer be in the map queue after the 6.0 update, let’s guess when the maps will return back in Valorant and what are the expected date.

Valorant has now started the map rotation in the queue and as a result, some of the maps in the game are getting removed for some time. Earlier, Japenese based map, Split was removed for several months but is expected to be back with the 6.0 update. Similarly, Breeze and Bind will be the two other maps, which will not be available now. However, they are not getting permanently removed and will be back after a few months. But when?

When Bind And Breeze Will Return Back To Valorant?

As of now, there are eight different maps in Valorant and the ninth map, Lotus, is all set to be released with the 6.0 update. Furthermore, Split will also be back in the queue; to balance it out, Bind and Breeze will no longer be available to play.

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Bind is one of the oldest maps of the game which was released during the beta. On the other side, Breeze was released a little later in April 2021 during Episode 2. However, both the maps give players different playstyles and have their own fans. And as they are getting removed, not everyone is happy.

Valorant has not released exactly when the two maps will be back in the game, but we can expect that it is not coming very soon. Considering a similar situation, where Split was removed in update 5.0, the map returned after 1 full episode which is around 6-7 months. Payers can expect the same in this case, however, nothing can be said with surety.

Bind And Breeze Will Have Some Changes In the Future?

As Split returned back with small but much needed changes, both the maps can receive some modification. Bind is considered one of the defense-heavy map and Breeze is the opposite. Making smaller changes to this might balance things out.

Players can enjoy the rest of the 7 maps including the new map Lotus.

Valorant’s New Map Lotus

Lotus is going to the 9th map in the Valorant. The map is located in India with eye-catching architecture and unique features.

Valorant map lotus

The map will have three sites which is similar to Haven, expected to be attacking favored.

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