What is VAL 59 Error in Valorant: How To Fix It?

Valorant players are facing VAL 59 error code on their loading screen. Know why the Riot Client is down and how to fix it

Ever since Valorant was released, players got to enjoy a whole new experience in the FPS Games genre. However, the game is not away from bugs and errors and the most recent one was the VAL 59. The error made players face a lot of trouble while logging in and the Riot Client was unresponsive. Moreover, it was faced by players in several regions.

So, let’s dive deeper and know how can we fix it.

Error Code VAL 59 In Valorant

According to some reports, the error Riot Client was having was because of the Amzon web services which were down. The Client page was unresponsive and Valorant players were not able to play the game. Even streaming platform Twitch faced the same issue, and they released a statement knowing its users.

Valorant didn’t release a statement regarding the same, but most probably it will be fixed in some time now. Earlier, some similar issues were faced by players and professional player Yay took to his twitter to ask. Valorant replied to the tweet, saying it will be fixed.

Something similar can be expected this time and the servers will be back soon. But, is there anything players can do to enjoy the game even with Val 59?

How to Fix VAL 59 Error Code?

The VAL 59 is an error from the Riot Client and hardly any player can fix it from their end. However, if the servers are fixed and yet you are not able to play the game, then you can do some of the following things in order to fix the error:

  1. Sign out and log in again. Or even, close the Riot Client and restart it again.
  2. Uninstall the Riot Vanguard and install it again just by opening the Riot Client after uninstalling.
  3. Change the DNS from your PC.

If the issue is still not fixed, then players can go to the Riot Support page and ask for a solution. Moreover, they can also check the servers from the Service status page.

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