What Is Shroud’s Girlfriend, Bnans Rank In Valorant?

Shroud’s Girlfriend, Bnans Rank In Valorant: Shroud is arguably one of the best FPS players in the world and one of the most entertaining streamers. Recently, he played for Sentinels in the VCT LCQ and impressed everyone. But, how good is Shroud’s girlfriend Bnans at the game?

Hannah Kenney, famously known as Bnans is Shroud’s girlfriend. The two have been dating each other since 2019 and are together. Bnans also streams various games on her Twitch channel which has more than 614k followers. Now, let’s know her rank.

Is Bnans A Radiant In Valorant, Know Her Valorant Rank

Bnans is nit one f the best aimers or someone who makes flashy plays in the game, but still, she has impressed everyone with her rank. Her rank has surprised many as she is way above many female streamers on the list.

However, she is not a Radiant or has never reached the highest level in the game yet. But with improvement in her game clearly visible, she might be there one day. Bnans has also never reached Immortal in her Valorant career.

Moreover, she has been into the Diamond and Ascendant zone quite often. In the current Act, which is Act 2 of Episode 5, she is Ascendant 1 but has reached Ascendant 2 to the max.

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In the last Act which was Act 1 of Episode 5, she ended up at Diamond 3. So, this means, she has been into the Diamond-Ascendant zone for most of her career. Here is Bnans’ rank in Valorant Episode-wise.

  • Episode 5, Act 2: Ascendant 2(currently ongoing)
  • Episode 5, Act-1: Diamond 3
  • Episode 4, Act-3: Diamond 1
  • Episode 4, Act-2: Diamond 1
  • Episode 4, Act-1: Diamond 1
  • Episode 3, Act-3: Diamond 2
  • Episode 3, Act-2: Diamond 1
  • Episode 3, Act-1: Diamond 1

ID: bnans#0001, source: tracker.gg

What’s Bnans Favorite Agent?

Bnans valorant rank
Bnans during her stream

Bnans is quite often seen playing Reyna in the game. Furthermore, her career result also shows the same. However, she is also seen playing Cypher or Brimstone.

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