What Is Boosting In Valorant: Is It Okay To Use Boosting In Valorant?

Elo Boosting In Valorant: Valorant is not an easy game for everyone, in fact for many, it is one of the most challenging tasks to reach the high tiers of the game. Moreover, several players are not that skilled to get the rank, or infact they believe that if they had few good teammates, they must be much higher in the ranks.

So, to achieve these, players use the boosting services in the game. It is a form of cheating and it also goes against the terms of service of Valorant. But, what exactly is boosting and how does it work?

Note: We don’t promote boosting in Valorant and this is just an informational article. 

All You Need To Know About Boosting In Valorant 

Valorant is a 5 vs 5 First person shooting game, which was released back in 2020. The game became highly popular among gamers because of its familiar but very unique game mechanics. Players have to pick up agents and then they use these agents’ abilities to win rounds.

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Valorant is not all about using the weapon, but it is also about strategies and comms. And several gamers fail to use all these and don’t rank up. So, instead of grinding and working hard in the game, boosted players go the other way.

Boosting is a phenomenon, where players share their IDs and passwords with any better player than them to rank up. The better player plays the game instead of him and wins the game for him. For example, a Silver-ranked player shares his ID and password with a diamond rank player. The diamond-ranked player, obviously has the better aim, better use of abilities, or even better PC. So, he will be easily able to win games in the Silver looby. This way the Silver ranked player will easily rank up.

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But why would any high-level player do that? So, in some cases, these high-ranked players might be your friend and they’ll help you. But, now boosting has become something serious and a few people are using it to earn money.

How does boosting services work in Valorant? 

There are several boosting services available on the internet, which we don’t recommend, but will explain to you how they work. These services will take play in your squad with you and win games for you. Or instead, they will take your ID and boost it. It all depends on the package you take.

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Not to get confused by some coaching websites, which are legit. On the coaching website, you will be trained by coaches and enhance your skill.

Boosting is a form of cheating and it also goes against Valorant’s term of service. Valorant even banned several players for boosting and even one of the professional players. As we mentioned earlier, we don’t promote boosting. and you should go with your own skills and enhance your gameplay.

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