VCT 2023: One Of The Valorant Partnered Teams Reveals Their Plans To Have 10-Men Roster Ahead Of Brazil Kick-off Tournament

Global Esports VCT 2023 Roster: Global Esports from India are one of the teams among 30 teams who secured their partnership with Valorant for VCT 2023. The team represents South Asia region, which is yet to prove its skills on an international stage. After appearing multiple times in APAC Challengers, the South Asia region is yet to show its real potential.

And when Global Esports partnered with Valorant for VCT 2023, the questions came on the roster playing in the tournament. However, the official Twitter handle of the organization dropped a video explaining their plans ahead of the Brazil Kick-off tournament.

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Valorant Team Global Esports To Try 10 Players For Brazil Kick-off Tournament for VCT 2023

In a recently uploaded video, Global Esports revealed that they’ll be having a roster of 10 men and will try them ahead of the Brazil kick off the tournament. The video also explained in detail, that what they’re looking for is several other things other than mechanical skills.

And at the end of the trial, a total of 6 players will be selected and they’ll be traveling to Brazil for the VCT 2023 tournament. It’ll be interesting to see who will be these 10 players and if they’ll be all from India or APAC region combined.

Notably, a lot of teams who failed to secure the partnership have also released their players, which has allowed other teams to strengthen their squad by acquiring these players. For example, North American team Optic Gaming will not be playing at VCT 2023, this makes Yay a free agent and he will be looking for other teams to play.

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Global Esports Till Now In VCT

Global Esports qualified for APAC Challengers twice but failed to leave any mark as they were not able to qualify for the Play-offs round. They also appeared in APAC LCQ once and won a match. But, the team was unable to win the tournament and secure their Champions 2022 spot.

Global Esports apac 2022

Global Esports will be representing South Asia region on the international stage of Valorant for the first time and that is why the expectations are high from the team.

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