All You Need To Know About Valorant’s New Map Lotus: Location, Release Date And Sites

Valorant recently released a cinematic video for the upcoming Episode revelation, where the new map is teased. Know the location of the new map Lotus, how many sites will be there, the release date, and many more. 

Riot’s Valorant is all set to end Episode 5 and start a new chapter in the year 2023 with the Episode 6. The new episode, as usual, will see some new introductions and changes. One of the highlights of Episode 6 will be the release of the new map Lotus. Lotus will be the 9th map in Valorant.

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So, let’s dive deeper and know more about the new map.

Lotus Map Release Date And Location Revealed

The new map of Valorant, Lotus is based in India as revealed in the latest video uploaded by Valorant. Valorant’s newest addition to the roster addition, Harbor and Astra can be seen in the jungle of Western Ghats located in India.

Video source: Valorant YouTube Channel 

Agents like Fade, Jett, Raze, and Killjoy can also be seen in the video in different countries. Moreover, all of them come together against Harbor and Astra at the end of the video in the Lotus map. The location of the map is India, and according to some leaks, it will have 3 sites.

Interestingly, if the leaks are true, Lotus will be the only 2nd map among the 9 others to have 3 sites to plant. Haven is another map, which has 3 planting sites.

When Lotus Map Will Be Released In Valorant?

The new map is expected to get released with the upcoming Episode 6. Act 3 of Episode 5 is going to end on January 10th. As a result, the map can be expected to get released on 11th or 12th January.

Will The New Map Be Available In Competetive?

Earlier, we have seen that Valorant releases new map only for unranked matches and it gets added to the competetive an Act later. Same can be expected this time.

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