Valorant To Have Reverie Skins In The Next Bundle

As per the norms, Valorant store gets a new set of bundles every 2-3 weeks. And this time, it’s time for the Reverie skins to shine in the Valorant store. Moreover, the bundle will be coming once the current VCT LOCK//IN Capsule leaves the store.

All You Need To Know About The Reverie Skins In Valorant

Famous leaker of Valorant, Mike took to his Twitter to upload the image of the bundle. Furthermore, there can be 5 weapons seen in the image with glass like finish. The weapons might not be very shiny from the look but are colorful, which will give players a feel of premium skin.

Weapons In The Bundle

As can be seen in the image, there will be 5 weapon skins in the bundle. Marshal has a green finish on it with some leaves flying around it. Talking about the knife, the look is similar to of Sovereign Sword, but it has a blue color on top. These are the weapons in the bundle:

  • Classic
  • Melee
  • Guardian
  • Phantom
  • Marshal

Nothing much about the player cards or sprays have been revealed yet, but we will update you when it’ll come.

Does Reverie Bundle Have Animation?

As of now, only the images of the upcoming bundle have been leaked. So, nothing can be said with surety. However, the chances are it’ll have kill animation most likely, that too with a glass theme.

Price And Release Date

The skin will most likely be replacing the current bundle of the melee which is VCT LOCK//IN Capsule. However, it might also arrive in the 6.03 update. So, keep your wallets ready as the reverie bundle might cost you some 7000 Valorant points.

Considering the looks and the category, the bundle will be no less than of 7000 Valorant points. However, we will have to wait a little more inorder to get the exact price tag of the bundle.

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