Valorant To CS: GO Sensitivity Converter

Valorant to CSGO Sensitivity(Sens) converter: Valorant and Counter-Strike: GO (CS: GO) might have many common things between them, but the two games are very different from each other. The most common thing between both the games is the 5 vs 5 FPS gameplay, where two teams compete against each other in several rounds. Notably, the difference is not only the number of rounds between the two but there are many.

Several players have switched from CS: GO to Valorant to experience the new game and its mechanics. However, a few players found Counter-Strike a better game and returned to it. And if you’re one of those players who is going to return to CS from Valorant and is searching for the right sensitivity, we have a few options for you.

How To Convert Sensitivity While Switching From Valorant To CSGO

Switching from one game to another is not an easy task, and no matter how common Valorant and CS: GO feel, they are quite different.

Valorant was released in 2020 and many considered that the game will replace CS: GO. However, still in 2022 CS: GO has more concurrent players but Valorant is not far behind. Valorant’s game mechanics introduces the agents, where players use their abilities in order to win the rounds.

Best Crosshairs Valorant 2022

Still, many players find CS: GO a more simple and more intriguing game and want to switch. So, here are the options for sensitivity converter if you’re searching.

Third-Party Sensitivity Converter

There are no official sensitivity converters, but many third-party options are available. Moreover, players can simply input few details of their current playing game and the website will offer you a range of sensitivity you should use in your new game.

If you stick to the basic, the website will only ask from which game to the game you want the switch and put the first sensitivity, and you’ll get the other one.

However, this will not be a perfect sensitivity and you’ll still need some practice in-game in order to fine-tune them and get your best one. A few of the third-party sensitivity converters are mentioned below:


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