Valorant To Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Sensitivity Converter/Calculator

Valorant to MW2 Sensitivity Converter: Transitioning from one game to another is definitely not an easy task for gamers. And with a lot of new releases upcoming, it is difficult to find the right sensitivity for every game. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will be released soon, and many players are already considering playing it. But, are you a Valorant player looking for right sensitivity in the upcoming game?

Valorant and Call of Duty Modern Warfare are two different games and it won’t be easy for players to make the transition. However, to make the work a little easy, here we are with some tips.

How to Convert Valorant Sensitivity To Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Valorant and COD MW II are two completely different games. On one hand, valorant is a 5 vs 5 FPS game, on the other Call of Duty MW II will be a battle royale game. So, definitely, the sensitivity of your mouse is going to differ.

To change that, players can use any third-party sensitivity converter/calculator available on the Internet. Sensitivity converters will make the work easy you can easily set and find your right sensi for the game. Below is a link of sensitivity converter from Valorant to MW II:


Players can go to the website and put details of the current sensitivity they’re using. Further, they’ll get an estimate of what sensitivity will fit in the required game.


However, the converters will not provide the exact sensitivity which will fit you and will provide you with different ranges. So, in order to get the perfect sensitivity players can actually go into the game’s training range and practice and change accordingly.

Sensitivity Calculator For MW II Beta Version

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is now in its beta version and players who have early access can enjoy the game. Moreover, the same sensitivity converter will work for the actual game and for the beta version. So, no need to search for different converters/calculators.

Modern Warfare II will be released in October and currently, the game is in its beta version.

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