Valorant Servers To Be Under Maintenance And Queue To Be Disabled Today, Know When The Servers Will Be Back In USA, Canada, India, Philippines And In Other Regions

Valorant players might find some issues with the game as servers are meant to go under maintenance on June 1st, 2022. Moreover, Valorant informed about the server maintenance in game. Players can find the notification popping up in the left corner of their Valorant screen.

However, no patch notes or anything upcoming was announced by Valorant in recent times. So, what is this about?

Know When Valorant Servers Will Be Back After Maintenance Today In USA, India, Canada, And Other Regions

Jett nerf Valorant 4.08

According to the notification on the Valorant loading screen, the game is about to be under maintenance for around 4hrs. Furthermore, players need to be patience in order to play the game again.

The notification suggests it’ll be down from 02:00 AM PDT. So, this means, servers in India will be down from 02:30 AM. Whereas, players in USA and Canada won’t be able to play the game from 05:00 PM.

As mentioned above, the Valorant servers will be under maintenance for more than 5 hrs. As a result, it will be back around 06:30 in India. For players in USA and Canada, it’ll be back from 09:00 PM.

  • India: Servers to be back at around 06:30 AM
  • USA: Servers to be back at around 09:00 PM
  • United Kingdom: Servers to be back at around 02:00 AM
  • Canada: Servers to be back at around 09:00 PM
  • Australia: Servers to be back at around 11:00 AM
  • Germany: Servers to be back at around 03:00 AM
  • Philippines: Servers to be back at around 09:00 AM
  • Indonesia: Servers to be back at around 08:00 AM

Note: These are the expected time and servers might return sooner or later than this time.

What’s New Coming From The Update?

Valorant Pride Cards 2022

Nothing officially has been revealed by Valorant about the update or server maintenance of today, but there are some things dropping in the game. The first thing is the Pride bundle which is expected to be free of cost. So, players might see the addition of this bundle in their stores after the update.

Also, Valorant dropped a blog few days back confessing the issue of maps. So, we might expect a fix on that. However, nothing was mentioned in the article about the arrival of the update.

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