Valorant Releases Agent Trailer Of Harbor Named Turn The Tides: Abilities Revealed

Valorant Agent Harbor Trailer, Abilities, And Release Date: After so many teaser videos and leaks, Valorant has finally revealed the upcoming agent of the game which is going to be an Indian agent called Harbor. Valorant released the official trailer video on Twitter and YouTube, where agent number 21 of the game can be seen using some of his abilities. The trailer also reveals some back story.

The video is of 3 minutes and 47 seconds, where Harbor is seen in two Indian locations i.e Delhi and Mumbai. On both locations, he can be seen using his abilities. So, let’s know what are Harbor’s abilities and when he will arrive in the game.

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All You Need To Know About Abilities Of Harbor

Harbor is going to be a controller agent and will be the 5th controller of the game. His abilities are of water and like other controllers, he will be useful in blocking angles on maps. Alike any other agent of Valorant, Harbor will have four abilities.

In the video released, not exactly the abilities were revealed, but Valorant showed Harbor using them. In the first scene, Harbor was seen using something like a disc, which is said to be used to concuss the enemies or decay them.

Ability-1: Tidal Wall

In the video, if any ability was clear, then it was this one. Harbor can create a wall around him to block the enemies. Not only that, but the bullets also can not pass through the wall.

However, the time for the wall is yet to be known, and it’ll be interesting to see if it is Harbor’s primary ability or not.

Ability-2: Torrent Shield

Harbor can be seen in a circular bubble in the video and enemies shooting around him. Seems like this will be another ability, which will prevent enemies to shoot the Indian agent. It will be more clear later, but as of now, it is not clear if only he can be under the bubble or if any of his teammates can, or if he can shoot through the bubble.

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Ability-3: Tidal Wave

In the last part of the video, Harbor can be seen making a wave for his enemies. Nothing more has been made clear on this ability and we might know about it later.

Ability-4: Ultimate 

As mentioned above, the ultimate ability can be a disc-like thing, which needs to be charged. Furthermore, this will cover a large area to concuss the enemy or decay them. It might also improve teammates’ fire ability.

At the end of the video, Brimstone can be seen welcoming Harbor to Valorant.

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