Valorant Pride Cards To Be Available For Free Bundle In 2022: Know Release Date And More Details Here

Valorant will be introducing the next set of Pride cards in 2022 but this time more likely in a bundle. According to the leaks, the cards this time will not require extra effort to get codes and redeem them. Instead, players will be able to redeem them in-game.

Last year in 2021, to celebrate Pride month, Valorant released 7 different player cards. Furthermore, to add these cards to their collection, players were asked to visit the redeem website of Valorant and use specific codes for any specific card. But this time, it seems like Valorant is making the way easier for players. Let’s know-how?

Valorant To Give Pride Cards For Free in 2022?

Although the cards were free last time also, we have this time some new additions and a new way to claim them. According to Valor Leaks, the players’ card will be in a bundle which will be free. In a tweet, he mentioned, “I don’t see this “bundle” costing money btw. If it does it will be a huge mistake, but i doubt they will charge for Playercards and a Gunbuddy.”

Moreover, according to the post, there is a new Mint card and a gun buddy in the bundle.

Expected Release Date?

June is considered as the Pride month and it starts on the 1st of June. But according to the latest reports, the Pride bundle will be available from 2nd June with all the previous cards and new gun buddies.

It’ll be part of the Riot Pride celebration and just like the previous year, there will be 7 cards. Most probably, it will be of free of cost and players will not be required to spend any Valorant points in order to claim the bundle. However, it is not yet confirmed whether we need codes to redeem the bundle or not.

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