IGL Of EQ Cerise Replies On Cheating Allegations Made At Valorant Game Changers Against CLG Red

Valorant officials have now overruled the result of one of the games, which was played at VCT Series 3 due to cheating allegations. In a match, where EQ Cerise defeated CLG Red by 2-1, is now under suspicion and EQ Cerise has been disqualified. CLG Red will now be advancing to the next round of the tournament.

The Twitter handle of  Valorant Champions Tour NA posted their official announcement regarding the match and mentioned that one of the EQ players is suspected to use third-party prohibited tool, which is detected by the anti-cheat system.

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IGL of EQ Cerise Denies The Allegations

EQ Cerise and CLG Red met each other in the lower round of Open qualifiers. In the game, EQ Cerise made a comeback to win the series by 2-1, after losing the first match. However, the decision has now been overruled and EQ Cerise is disqualified from the tournament. Valorant officials in their post mentioned that there will be further investigation on the same.

EQ Cerise’s IGL, Amber, took to her Twitter to voice her opinion. He mentioned, “Wait till riot gives our player a pardon and makes all the CLG players look like maniacal children.”

Amber also replied to the post, where Valorant announced the disqualification of her team. She exclaimed that the player who is alleged to using the third-party software was bottom fragging in the map and if does come out that her teammate was cheating it s*cks.

At the end, Amber posted a twit longer and concluded, “I would like to emphasize that we do not condone cheating nor do we support people who think cheating is okay. We were completely unaware and feel like we have been completely blindsided by how things have been transpiring these past two days.”

CLG Red will now play Gen.G Black in their next game.

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