Valorant New Skins Bundle Soulstrife: Price, Weapon Skins, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

The new bundle to arrive in Valorant is named Soulstrife, know more details about the skins including its price, release date, whether it has variants and animations, and more..

Valorant’s new skin which will be another bundle arriving in the Valorant store was revealed by leakers and this time again, it seems like Valorant is going to impress its fans. Moreover, the skin is named Soulstrife and are based on a haunted theme.

Teased with a black and grey color, the skin looks similar to Forsaken, but it’s a lot different than the previous one for sure. Nothing much can be said now, as many more things are yet to be revealed. But, now let’s know more about the skins including its release date, price, and others.

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All You Need To Know About Valorant New Bundle Soulstrife: Release Date, Price, and Weapons Skins

The new Soulstrife bundle will be available in the Valorant store, and players can purchase it by spending Valorant points.

There are a total of 5 weapon skins available in the bundle including sprays and player card. Notably, there are no gun buddies in the bundle. Phantom will be the main rifle skin available in the bundle. Here are all the skins:

  • Melee
  • Phantom
  • Guardian
  • Spectre
  • Ghost

There are no Vandal or Operator skin in the bundle.

Release Date

The Soulstrife bundle will be replacing the Ion 2.0 bundle in the Valorant store and it’ll be available when the Ion 2.0 buying time ends. So, one can expect the skins to be released

Are There Animation And Variants in Valorant Soulstrife Bundle

The new bundle will have no variants or any chromas in its weapon skins. Moreover, there will be only 1 upgrade available, which means the chances to have a kill animation in the bundle are very small.


The new bundle will be priced same as 7100 Valorant points and the melee will cost 2550 Valorant points. The weapons will be of 1775 VP each. However, these are not the official price and are based on the leaks.

Considering there will be no variants or kill animation, the price can be too much for a few players. As ION 2.0 was of same price with variants and animations. Notably, the price is not official and it may vary.

Source: Valorant leaks and Mike Valor Leaks

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