Valorant New Agent Harbor All Abilities, Gameplay And Agent Selection Animation Revealed

Valorant Agent Harbor Abilities, Agent Selection Animation: Looks like all the ability and details of Indian agent Harbor seem to be unveiled as time passes by. As of now, all the abilities of the agent is revealed including the agent select animation.

Harbor is going to be an Indian agent who will take the role of controller. Moreover, the agent has some very strong abilities as it seems like bullets don’t pass by his wall or sphere. So, let us have a look:

Valorant New Agent Harbor Abilities: High Tide, Ultimate Ability, Cove, And Reckoning

Valorant recently teased its fans by revealing the Agent number of 21 of the game. The agent hails from India and his abilities are of water. Alike any other agents, he will have 4 abilities, including the ultimate ability.

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Cove Ability

This is a sphere-shaped ability, which will protect anyone inside it as bullets don’t pass by. Players can use it by pressing the fire button once equipped. It can also be thrown underhand.

Cascade Ability

Harbor can equip this wall-like structure and can send it forward. Moreover, enemies who will come under the contact of this wall will be slowed. If compared, this basically ability is Breach’s ultimate, however, it has wall and it slows the enemy.

High Tide Ability

Hige Tide ability might be Harbor’s primary ability which is also a wall like structure. Similar to Viper’s wall in looking, it can also be curved. Interestingly, bullets cannot pass through the wall.

Reckoning Ability- Harbor’s Ultimate Ability

This is the Ultimate ability of Harbor. Players can send this geyser pool on the ground and they will contact enemies. Enemies in contact will be concussed.

Gameplay And Agent Select Animation Of New Agent Of Valorant Harbor

Gameplay of the new agent of Harbor was revealed. In the video, he can be seen on the map of Breeze using his abilities, which are mentioned above.

Here is the agent select animation:

Source: Valor Intel and Valorant Leaks

Is Harbor A Strong Agent In Valorant? 

Undoubtedly, Harbor is going to be one of the strongest agent of the game. Moreover, the ability which doesn’t allow to pass the bullets is the biggest reason. He might be seen on big maps quite often.

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