Valorant Leaks Suggest The Arrival New Agent In The Game: Know Release Date, Abilities And Country Of Origin

CValorant has now teased its fans with the upcoming agent through the State of Agents. Moreover, the agent is going to be number 22 in the game, Indian agent Harbor being the latest one to join the roster. With this new addition in a short time, it is clear that Valorant developers are clear on giving a wide range of gameplay to fans.

John Goscicki, Valorant’s Agent Lead, revealed that there will be three more agents in the year 2023.

All You Need To Know About New Agent of Valorant 22

Valorant players will soon be seeing Agent 22 in the game, who has got some unique and new abilities. Talking about the abilities Goscicki mentioned that out the three upcoming agents, one will be Sentinel, one Initiator and one doesn’t really fall in any of them. This means, players will soon have something new in an Agent or maybe a new agent category.


Not much about the abilities were revealed, but according to Goscicki, the new agent is going to be a lot cooler than the rest of the agents and will bring something different. Earlier, the agent was codenamed SmokeDancer, which might not be his exact name in the game, but something about his abilities can be drawn from it.

Maybe, the agent has the ability to dance around the smokes and block the line of sight to reach the plant site.

We’ll get to know more about his abilities very soon.

Release Date And Country Of Origin of Agent 22

The image leaked has the word ‘Beard Papi’ on it. This is a Spanish word, hinting towards the addition of a Spanish agent in the game. If not Spanish, then the agent must be from where the Spanish language are spoken.

The exact release date of Agent 22 is not revealed yet but we can expect him along with Episode 6 Act 3. Act 3 will most probably start in April last week.

However, if everything goes well with the development, we might get to play the agent even sooner.

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