KOI vs NRG Esports VCT LOCK//IN 2023: NRG Esports Crush KOI In The First Match Of The Tournament

Valorant esports has now stepped into its new phase officially as the first official tournament of the year 2023, LOCK//IN kicked off with the new franchise system. The first game was played between KOI, a team from EMEA League, and NRG Esports, a team from the American League.

Considering VCT LOCK//IN to be one of the major events of Valorant, the format is brutal for the teams as it is a knockout. So, the losing team will be eliminated if they lose. And in the first game, NRG Esports eliminated KOI by defeating in two straight maps. Let’s know more about the game here.

Match Results Of KOI vs NRG Esports VCT LOCK//IN 2023

NRG Esports picked the map Icebox which came as a surprise to many. And things didn’t start well for the American side as they were trailing by 3-9 till half time. However, with a great comeback, they closed the map by 13-11 and took the 1-0 lead in the Match.

The next map was picked by KOI as Haven. Further, after being a tight game until 4-3, NRG extended the lead and finished the half by a lead of 8-4. There was nothing much in the second half, and with some resistance, NRG closed the game.

With the win, NRG now advances into the next round. And the losing team, KOI are now eliminated from the tournament.

Players Score

NRG Esports

Players ACS Kills Assists
s0m 227 36 12
Crashies 220 36 17
Victor 172 29 10
FNS 173 24 18
Ardiis 190 27 12


Players ACS Kills Assists
trexx 275 46 9
Sheydos 158 27 6
Wolfen 187 28 7
Starxo 123 17 22
Koldamenta 110 17 19

Match Report

Map-1: Icebox (Won by NRG Esports)

The match delivered up to its hype in the very round of the map as it was a 1vs1 to win the first round. Sheydos somehow got FNS with 22hp left to secure the first round. Moreover, KOI looked comfortable until the first half leading 9-3. However, things changed from there and NRG Esports managed to make a comeback and win the game by 13-11.

VCT NRG vs KOI Score Result
Image Source: Valorant Champions Tour YouTube Channel
  • Score: 13-11 (NRG Esports)
  • Maximum Kills: Trexx on Sova (KOI)

MAP-2: Haven 

NRG Esports carried the momentum into the 2nd Map and finished the game 2-0 to continue their run in the tournament. On the other hand, KOI failed to capitalize on their map pick and are now out of the tournament.

VCT Result NRG vs KOI
Image Source: Valorant Champions Tour YouTube Channel
  • Score: 13-9 (NRG Esports)
  • Maximum Kills: Trexx on Sova (KOI)

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You can watch the live stream of the match on Valorant Champions Tour’s official YouTube channel.

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