Valorant Crimsonbeast Bundle: Weapon Skins, Hammer, Price, Animation And More

Valorant Crimsonbeast Bundle: Valorant is up again with a new bundle in the game. Crimsonbeast is going to be the next set of skins in the game, which might remind the fans of the famous Elderflame skin. However, the skin is very much different from Elderflame, and let’s know how it is and what are the skins in it.

All You Need To Know About Valorant Crimsonbeast Bundle

Valorant Crimsonbeast Bundle will be released in the game with patch notes 5.07. The bundle will replace the Chronovid bundle in Valorant store which impressed many of the fans, mainly because it had both the rifles’ skin.

However, that is not the case with the new Crimsonbeast bundle as it is one of those many bundles, which have only one rifle’s skin. So, let’s know what are the skins in the bundle.

  • Judge
  • Vandal
  • Sheriff
  • Marshal
  • Crimsonbeast Hammer

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The highlight of the bundle is definitely its melee which is a hammer this time. The hammer looks like a firing hammer which give the fans a feel of the famous Marvel hero Thor.

SOURCE: Mike Twitter

Crimsonbeast Bundle Animation And Price

The Crimsonbeast bundle is a premier tier skin and fans might get disappointed when they come to know about the animation and other prices. The skins don’t have any animation but have some cool VFX in it.

Considering that there are no kill animation, the price of the bundle seems to be overpriced. Fans will need to spend around 7100 Valorant points in order to grab the whole bundle. Here are the price of each skin:

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Note: These are the estimated price and not officially revealed.

  • Judge Skin Price: 1775 VP
  • Vandal Skin Price: 1775 VP
  • Sheriff Skin Price: 1775 VP
  • Marshal Skin Price: 1775 VP
  • Crimsonbeast Hammer Price: 3550 VP
  • Bundle Price: 7100 VP

The bundle will be live from 5th October, 2022 in the Valorant store and players will be able to buy the bundle from then.

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