Valorant Competitive Queue Disable, Server Down Or Is It Down Today? Know How To Check

Valorant Competitive Queue Disable: Valorant is one of the loved FPS games by gamers and the developers have tried to maintain this aura by providing them the best experience. However, Valorant on someday might face issues and it seems like today, October 12 is one of the days. The competitive queue of Valorant in the US region is facing issues and several players are even facing login issues. However, some players are able to access it and for players in other regions, it’s working fine.

Let us know why they are down, how to check or when they will be back.

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How To Check If Valorant Competitive Queue Is Disable Or Servers Are Down?

As of now, there have been no official announcements made from Valorant officials on the issue or why they are down. In fact, many players may not be even aware of the situation, and they might be thinking it’s their internet issue or something else.

if you’re facing the issue, don’t shut down or restart your PC as of now, as that will not fix the issue, however, if you’re lucky it’ll get fixed too. The issue is faced by many other users too.

To check if the servers are down, there are several third parties options available. One can check the status from the link given below:

Valorant status checker link

This is a third-party website and not n official one, so use it only to check the status. Moreover, this way you’ll get a clear picture of whether the servers or the competitive queue of Valorant is back or not. Notably, not all the players are facing the issue and some are able to join the queue.

When The Servers Will Be Fixed?

As the issue is faced mostly by the US region, it won’t be that difficult for developers to fix the issue. Moreover, players can expect all the issues like loading stuck, login issue,s and competitive queue disabled to fix in 1 or 2 hours.

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