Valorant Agent Sova Also Receives A Nerf After Jett, Know Details Here

Sova Nerf: Valorant has always tried to balance out things in the game since it’s release. In the initial days, it was Raze who was too good with her paint shells, and they nerfed her. Furthermore, Sage’s instant heal to 100 HP was also nerfed. The most recent one came to Jett and Astra. And now, Sova is also set to receive a nerf from the next Act.

Sova is an agent which comes under initiator. He is one of those agents who was introduced to the game during its release. And undoubtedly, he remained in the meta since then and was one of the favorite picks for players going to the initiator. Let’s now give a look at the changes and know if he will remain in the meta or not.

All You Need To Know About The New Nerf On Sova

With the new Act coming up, Sova and Jett are the two agents who are going to receive a nerf. Moreover, Jett’s nerf’s can be termed as huge, but Sova can still remain in the meta.

There are three major changes coming up. The first one is in Sova’s shock dart. Earlier, the shock dart use to have a damage of maximum of 90 depending on the hitting. But now, the damage is reduced to 75. It can be said that it will still remain effective with the small hit damages it will give to the players.

source: Valorant Updates

The second one is the timing of the owl drone. Earlier, the owl drone used to last for 10 seconds, but as of now, the timing is reduced to 8 seconds.

However, the drone seen in the video can be seen faster than before. This means, the reduced time is balanced with the increase in speed and it might cover same range as previous.

Will This Nerf Put Sova Out Of Meta?

The changes on Sova are not as huge as Jett’s nerf. Furthermore, the shock dart’s reduced damage is acceptable and the owl drone is almost balanced.

So, this might not keep the initiator agent out of the meta. It is believed that Sova will still remain as effective as it was.

However, it will be interesting to see, if the new initiator, Fade can turn things around and replace him.

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