Valorant Agent Fade: Agent Select Animation, Contract Skins And Gameplay Here

The new agent from Turkey, Fade is all set to arrive in Valorant. The initiator will be added to the Valorant’s agent roster from the Act 3 of Episode 4. Moreover, like every other agent of Valorant Fade will have a contract with skins, player cards, and sprays, and agent select animation.

Fade is the 20th agent of Valorant. To unlock her, one needs to complete her contract until level 5 minimum. And to unlock her contract, there are two methods. So, let’s have a look at all of them.

How To Unlock  Fade Faster In Valorant: Contract Skins And Agent Select Animation

Fade can be unlocked by two methods. The first method is to buy contract levels with Valorant points. This is the fastest method to unlock Fade in Valorant.

The other method is to activate her contract and earn XP points by playing games. By this, players will be able to unlock Fade, but this is a time taking process.

Like every other agent, Fade has 10 levels in her contract skins. Level 5 has the agent itself, whereas players will receive a shorty skin on level 10. So, let’s have a look.

source: Valorant updates

However, the level for player card, gun buddies and skins are not exactly revealed yet, but these are the rewards players will be able to claim from Fade’s contract.

Agent Select Animation

Fade also has an agent select animation for the players who will pick her for the game. Furthermore, she can be seen showing her abilities and coming on the screen in a very different and unique way.

Fade’s Gameplay And Release Date In Valorant

Valorant released the gameplay trailer video yesterday. The use of abilities looks stunning and players will highly use her in combination with other agents.

SOURCE: Valorant’s Twitter

Her ultimate looks similar to Breach’s ultimate as said many, but it has some unique abilities too. Moreover, it will be exciting to see how she turns out in the game.

Not to forget with Sova’s new nerf, she can be picked as the initiator by teams.

Fade is all set to arrive in Valorant from Act 3 of Episode 4. So, it can be assumed she can be seen in the game from 26th April or 27th April (depending on region).

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