Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes Nerfs And Buffs Explained: Fracture Map Changes And Release Date

Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes Release Date And Changes: The 5.07 patch notes for Valorant are here and there are some major changes introduced in it. While some of the agents in the game have been nerfed and buffed, the Fracture map is also going to receive some major changes.

So, here are all the nerfs and buffs of the agents explained along with the map changes

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All You Need To Know About Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes 

As for the agents, Reyna, Skye, Yoru, and KAY/O are the ones who have received nerfs and buffs. Mostly, these changes were made to bring these agents back into the game and improve their pick-up rates. Let’s talk about the agent changes one by one.


Best Crosshairs Valorant 2022

The introduction of Fade has caused Skye’s pick-up rate to decline since it was introduced. Skye used to be one of the most reliable initiators of the game. A solution to this has been implemented by increasing the agent’s flash time. Unlike in the past, you cannot shoot down the gliding light now, so you have no other option but to face the flash or to turn your back.

Here are the details of the changes:

  • The max flash duration of Skye’s Guiding Light now scales from 1s to 2.25s over a .75s charge up after being cast
  • Guiding Light can no longer be shot and destroyed
  • New VFX, UI, and sounds added to communicate new gameplay intent
  • Unequip Delay out of Guiding Light increased .75s >>> .85s


Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes

In the years since Yoru launched, he has struggled to become the game’s most noteworthy pickup agent. The Japanese agent is rarely seen in official matches. Even after a complete redesign and a 2.0 version, it was not able to gain traction.

Now, there are some changes, not major but minor for Yoru like the increase of its flash time. 

  • BLINDSIDE (Q) duration increased 1.5s >>> 1.75s
  • Reduced the size of the hologram on the body marker that shows up when dead bodies are turned off.


Kayo’s flash now has some interesting changes. As a result of its increased duration, the overhand flash might now be preferred by players instead of the underhand flash.

Also, the unequip delay of the flash has been increased, making him more of an initiator and not a duelist.

  • Underhand (right-click) flashbang max duration decreased 2s>>>1.25s
  • Overhand (left-click) flashbang max duration increased 2s>>>2.25s
  • Unequip Delay out of both flashes increased .6s >>> .85s


Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes

The much-awaited changes for Reyna are here. Her flashes have no improved but the duration has decreased.

  • Wind-up of nearsight effect decreased .6s >>> .4s
  • Range Restriction on Leer removed
  • Nearsight unequip delay decreased: .7 >>> .5
  • Duration decreased 2.6s >>> 2.0s

Fracture Map Changes In 5.07 Valorant Patch Notes

Fracture has undergone a few major changes, and not just in one place, but in multiple places. Famous leaker, Mike earlier posted about the changes in his Twitter page. Earlier, these changes were also leaked from the PBE tests on 5.07.

There are other changes on the map in the satellite area, in the defender spawn and on the A-site where the box is now touching the wall and there is no place to hide.

Valorant 5.07 Update Release Date and Time in USA, India, Canada And Other Regions

Note: These are the time when servers will go down. So estimate a down time of 5-6 hours.

  • Asia Pacific: 4/10/2022 at 14:00 PDT.
  • Brazil: 4/10/2022 at 06:00 PM PDT.
  • United Kingdom: 4/10/2022 at 10:00 pm.
  • Korea: 4/10/2022 at 14:00 PDT.
  • Latin America: 4/10/2022 at 06:00 PDT.
  • North America: 4/10/2022 at 06:00 PDT.
  • India: 05/10/2022 at 02:30 IST
  • Philippines: 05/10/2022 at 05:00 PT

So, these are the major highlight of the 5.07 patch notes. Other than these, there are also some bug fixes and Progression updates, which you can read here.

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