Shroud Reacts To The Upcoming Changes In Fracture Map Of Valorant: ‘The Best Change Is Right Here’

One of the famous streamers and professional Valorant player, Shroud, recently dropped his views on the changes which are being made on the Fracture map. Shroud was streaming on his Twitch channel, where he saw the changes and reacted to all of them.

After Shroud’s reaction, it is safe to say that Shroud is quite impressed with the changes. Moreover, he even said that the entrance at the A site from the satellite area is now very much easy. Surprisingly, Shroud said ‘Bye Bye’ to two of the agents who were the favorites to get picked on the map.

Valorant Player, Shroud Says ‘Bye Bye’ To This Agent After Seeing The Changes Of Fracture Map

Shroud was recently streaming on his Twitch channel, where he dropped his views on the changes which are being tested in the Valorant PBE 5.07. Shroud is often seen playing Brimstone on Fracture map and he even played the agent while playing for Sentinels.

SOURCE: Shroud’s stream and Neon Shorts

After watching the changes near the ropes side, Shroud said,“Oh that’s cool, take a peek in the site.” Later he moved in the map toward the big changes which were made towards the dish area of A site. After looking at the changes he said, “This is dope, oh, this is so much better.” Shroud came back to the area and after watching all the changes he said,”This drop is sick, this is so good. The best change is right here. This and haven are really good”

Later he moved towards the satellite are and mentioned that the developers are making it easy though. The satellite will not be placed in between making two ways to go, but there will be a straight path.

Shroud also scouted the A entrance which is now broad. He exclaimed Bye Bye to Breach and Neon saying they will not be the playmakers anymore on the map.

Changes On Fracture Map Which Are Being Tested In PBE 5.07

Valorant developers are testing some changes in the map of Fracture. Moreover, there are some big changes, which will change the game.

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