Sentinels Might Play With This Valorant Roster In VCT 2023

Sentinels Valorant Roster, Lineup, Team For VCT 2023: North American team seems like is going through a complete revamp of their team after an awful 2022 season. In the 2022 season, the team failed to win or finish in the top 3 in NA Challengers, and as a result, they were not a part of any of the international tournaments hosted by Riot.

And now after securing the VCT 2023 spot, the team is making some major changes in the squad. First, they announced their new coach after dropping Rawkus and then a new player Zekken. As of now, Sentinels are linked with 2 Brazilian players, who won the Valorant Champions 2022, which will completely change their roster for the upcoming VCT 2023.

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Sentinels Probable Playing 5 For VCT 2023

Sentinels were the first team to win the first major LAN event hosted in VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavík. They dominated the first half of 2021, but their performance in the 2nd half was not that solid as they managed to only finish 5th-8th in Stage-3 Masters in Berlin and 9th – 12th in Champions that year.

And now after not a very good 2022 year, Sentinels are all set to make a new team with some new faces. First, they signed XSET’s coach SyykoNT and then they announced XSET’s other member Zekken. Surprisingly, the reports suggest Sentinels will be having XSET’s other member who is Dephh.

The North American team announced in an unwilling way, they will not be renewing Shahzam’s contract, who is their current IGL. As of now, Dephh seems to be the player replacing Shahzam.

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On top of that, Sentinels are linked with 2 Brazilian players, Pancada and Sacy, who won the Champions 2022 with LOUD. If Sentinels manages to sign the two players, their squad will be:

  • Dephh
  • Pancada
  • Sacy
  • Tenz
  • Zekken

Sentinels another member, Dapr took to his Twitter to announce that he is ready to accept new offers. However, he is still part of the team and might be playing as the 6th man.

However, Sentinels haven’t announced the 3 other signings other than Zekken officially, but are reported.

If Sentinels appear in the VCT 2023 with this lineup, will they be able to form a strong team, what do you think?

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