Sentinels Confirm Sick Won’t Be Playing, Know Who Will Be Replacing Him

It looks like things are not going well for Sentinels at the moment as the team is suffering from several things. The team is at the bottom of their group and have not won any of the three games in the ongoing Challengers series. Furthermore, Sentinels two key players Sick and Tenz missed the game against Optic.

Now, Sentinels have confirmed that Sick won’t be playing as he has extended his leave which he took due to family issues. The organization shared a Tweet and also expressed their support for the player on the ongoing situation.

Coach Rawkus will be replacing Sick for the rest of the VCT Challengers series as mentioned by the official Twitter handle. Sentinels will be up against Rawkus’ former team Faze on June 4.

Will Tenz And Sick Be Playing Further For Sentinels In VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers?

As the tweet says, ‘Rawkus will be fill info the remainder of Challnegers’, mostly hints towards Sick’s unavailability for the last two game. Sentinels will be playing Faze on June 4 and Cloud 9 on 12th June. So, for both the games Rawkus will be replacing Sick.

Tenz on the other hand confirmed that he got tested positive for Covid-19. Also earlier, Sentinels’ official Twitter handle mentioned that Tenz was sick and later Tenz confirmed his health condition on his Twitter handle.

However, he was seen streaming and playing some ranked games on his Twitch channel. Fortunately, he was feeling better and that is a sign of relief for all the Sentinels fans. But as of now, neither Tenz nor Sentinels have confirmed that his health is good enough to play against Faze clan.

Will Dani be Playing For Sentinels?

Sen Dani
image source: Official Valorant webiste (

Sentinels fans saw Dani and Rawkus filing in for Tenz and Sick. Furthermore, if Tenz fails to make it on Week 4 it might be possible that Dani might feature again for Sentinels.

But as of now, Tenz’s health looks fine as his fans reported from the stream and he might be playing in Week 4. Sentinels definitely needs the rest of the games to win if they want to carry forward their journey at VCT Stage 2 Challengers

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