Who Is Sentinels Substitute Sen Dani: All You Need To Know

Sentinels played against Optic Gaming in the third week of VCT NA Stage-2 2022. Moreover, the team introduced two new faces to the roster due to unwanted circumstances. Coach Rawkus and Dani filled in for team Sen as Tenz and Sick were unavailable.

As per the official Sentinels confirmation, Sick was unavailable due to family emergency whereas Tenz was Sick. As most of the fans know Rawkus is the coach of Sentinels and he is a former pro player who played for Faze Clan. But, not many people know about Sen Dani. So, who is he? Let’s know more details about Dani in the article.

All You Need To Know About Sen Dani

Dani is a 21 years old college student from Canada’s capital city. He holds rich experience in FPS games like Combat Arms, Alliance of Valiant Arms, and of course, CS:GO.

Coming to Valorant, he started playing the game when it was in closed beta. Later on, Dani went to achieve top 5 ranks in NA server and that gave him the confidence to compete in the pro scene.

In October 2020, Dani joined a team with Twitch’s one of the biggest streamers Ninja. Moreover, the two came together to play for a team called Time In. Later in March 2021, Dani left the team to join Sum 2 Prove.

Stats And Agents

Dani is a Sova main but for Sentinels, he played controllers like Brimstone and Omen. Moreover, with Brimstone he got an ACS of 143 whereas with Omen he bagged an ACS of 166.

One can watch the stats of Dani from the link mentioned below.

Sen Dani stats.

Sentinels vs Optic Gaming

Due to the unavailability of two players, Sentinels had to play Rawkus and Dani against Optic Gaming. However, the team failed to claim a victory and lost 2-0 to the VCT Masters Stage-1 Champions.

Sen’s IGL Shahzam took to Twitter and expressed his views about the loss.

Sentinels have now lost 3 games and they only have two games in hand. It’ll be interesting to see if they manage to perform well and finish in top 4.

Winning both the games will not be enough for Sentintles as they will be dependent on their opponent teams.

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