Team Orangutan And Prime 5 Qualifies For Group Stages Of Skyesports Champions Series

Skyesports Champions Series is here and the online qualifiers for the Rest of South Asia ended on 14th May where Team Orangutan came on top and won the qualifiers. However, the runner-up team Prime 5 also secured their spot ion the group stages of next round, despite losing in the finals.

The Road to VCT Stage 2 of 2022 for the South Asia region is hosted by Skyesports and there were two qualifiers. The other qualifier was for Indian teams from where the top 2 teams will also qualify for the group stages.

Team Orangutan Wins The Skyesports Champions Series Regional Qualifiers

From the start of the tournament, Team Orangutan dominated the qualifiers. Moreover, they did the same in the finals of the qualifiers and thrashed Prim 5 by 3-0. The win became sweeter for Orangutan fans as they crushed their opponent by 13-0 in the final map of Bind.

Both Orangutan and Prime 5 will now join 8 already qualified teams along with 2 more Indian teams in the group stages.

The final was a best of 5 where the winning team was required to secure 3 maps. Orangutan won the first 3 maps to make the tie in their favor. Here is how the final match of qualifiers went:

Map-1: Haven

Skyesports Champions Series Orangutan

Orangutan started the match in fashion and won the mAp-1 by 13-6. However, the map didn’t look as smooth as it looks now as Prime 5 ended the half trailing 5-7.

Later, Orangutan lost only one round in the second half and secured the map in a dominating way.

Map-2: Ascent

Yet again Orangutan lost only 1 game in the second half of the game, but the score this time was 13-4.

After a 9-3 finish, Prime 5 fans expected the curse to work, but Orangutan didn’t make that happen.

Map-3: Bind

OG thrashed Prime 5 by 13-0 and grabbed the win at the end. By this win, Orangutan introduced themselves to the Valorant competitive scene.


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It’ll be interesting to see this new team in the group stages of Skyesports Champions Series where some of the veteran teams will be there to challenge them.

Orangutan formed their lineup by collecting players from 3 different regions only a month back. They signed Ghost, Vibhor and Shooter from SA region. Whereas Persia joined them from Korea. Their 5th player tesseract was a part of team Action PH.

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