Team Heretics Announce Their Valorant Roster For VCT 2023

Team Heretics Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Roster: As VCT 2023 is coming close, teams who will be appearing in next year’s tournament are revealing their roster. Team Heretics, who are among the 30 partnered teams have recently announced their new Valorant roster, which has some old faces.

Heretics earlier announced the big signing of Mixwell from G2 Esports. Now, the team has finally revealed the full squad that will compete in the next Valorant Champions Tour in 2023.

Team Heretics Sign 3 Ex-G2 Esports Players To Complete The Valorant Roster

Team Heretics not only have 1 or 2 players from G2 esports but a total of 3. However, one of the players, keloqz, was released by G2 back in February and was acquired by Heretics in after that. Furthermore, Avova and Mixwell are two other players who are joining from G2 Esports. Notably, G2 failed to secure their spot at the very end moment.

Source: Team Heretics’ Twitter

Ex-Acend player, Zeek, was also announced by Heretics. Notably, Zeek is one of the most experienced players from EMEA region having won the first edition of Champions with Acend.

The fifth player is Boo, who consistently appeared in the EMEA Challengers for OG London United.

  • Wassim ‘keloqz’ Cista
  • Óscar Cañellas ‘Mixwell’ Colocho
  • Aleksander ‘Zeek’ Zygmunt
  • Ričardas ‘Boo’ Lukaševičius
  • Auni ‘Avova’ Chahade

Coming to the coaching team, ex-MOUZ head coach Brandon “weber” Weber will now be Heretics’ coach helping Neil “neilzinho” Finlay, who will be the head coach.

Other Roster Updates 

There have been a lot going in the competitive scene as teams are searching their best players who will help them win the next major events. Another EMEA team, Fnatic, announced the signing of Chronicle, who have won VCT Masters playing for Gambit esports.

Team Liquid announced the departure of Scream and Nivera. Moreover, in the American region, NRG announced Crashies and FNS.

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