Skyesports Champions Series Group Stages Teams And Format Explained

Skyesports Champions Series Qualified Teams And Format: The Champions Series hosted by SKyesports is now moved onto its next level which is the group stages. A total of 4 teams joined the already qualified 8 teams. All the 12 teams will battle in the group stage to finish top 6 and qualify for the playoffs.

The playoffs of the Skyesports Champions Series will decide the two teams which will qualify for the VCT APAC Challengers. So, here is the list of teams and all the details about the Skyesports Champions Series Group stage format.

List of Qualified Teams in Skyesports Champions Series

A total of 4 teams qualified for the group stages from 2 different qualifiers. The qualifiers were divided into two regions; Regional Qualifiers India and Regional qualifiers Rest of South Asia.


Team Orangutan and Prime 5 qualified from the Rest of South Asia region qualifiers where Team Orangutan won the qualifiers.

On the other hand, the finals of qualifiers of India region are yet to be played(till the time of writing), but we have our two teams qualified for the finals; Reckoning Esports and Team Valor. Reckoning Esports defeated True Rippers whereas Team Valor came on top against Lethal Esports in a close match.

These 4 teams will join the 8 invited teams in the group stages. These 8 teams were invited on the basis of their previous performance in VCC Stage-1 where Velocity Gaming won the tournament. Here is the list of all the 12 teams qualified for the group stages of the Skyesports Champions Series.

Global Esports SCHEDULE

  • Enigma Gaming
  • Velocity Gaming
  • Global Esports
  • Team Valor
  • Reckoning Esports
  • Prime 5
  • Team Orangutan
  • Full Power Gaming
  • Exceeli Esports
  • Khumbu Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Union Gaming

SCS Format And Fixtures

The fixtures for the group stages of Skyesports champions series is not revealed yet but according to vlr, it’ll kick off on the 19th of May.

source: EupHoria

The top 6 teams will qualify for the playoffs stage. Where in a double-elimination format these teams will aim to finish top 2. The two best teams will represent the South Asia region in the APAC Challengers.

And a total of two teams will qualify for the VCT Masters Stage-2 from the APAC Challengers.

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