Next Night Market Coming In Valorant (May 2022): Dates And All The Details Here

Valorant Night Market 2022: Night Market has always been one of the much awaited events in Valorant. However, this time, the market is arriving sooner in the game and is all set to reward the players yet again.

Last time, Night Market arrived in the game on 7th April and lasted till 20th April. Now, in a surprise of events, the market is coming back just one month later, which is not often seen. Let’s have a look at the next night market in Valorant which is supposed to arrive in-game in the month of May 2022.

Is Night Market In Valorant Coming In May 2022?

According to a famous leaker of the game, Valor Leaks, the next night market is all set to arrive in the month of May. The market will be visible for players’ from 18th May(for NA players).

For Asian players, the market will arrive on the 19th May.

However, the last day to make the purchase happen for Valorant players from the Night Market will be the 1st of July,2022. Looks like the developers were also very much keen to release the market after a massive response from the last Night market as this time the market has arrived early.

Let’s have a look on more details about the next night market of Valorant.

How To Purchase Skins From Valorant’s Night Market?

Players receive 6 different cards in their night market. Moreover, these cards are divided into three editions and they have to flip in in order to know what gun skin it has. The skins one receives in their night market totally depend on the players’ luck.

Moreover, most of the skins are available at a huge discount. As a result, players find it the most useful time to purchase a skin in the game.

The three editions of the skins are divided into Deluxe edition, standard edition, and premium edition. Premium skins consist of kill animation and many upgrades. On the other hand, the Deluxe edition is the skins with no upgrades or very few upgrades.

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