Meet The New POI of Fortnite, The Collider, Know How To Survive The Collider

Fortnite just released one of their biggest update of the season and which was meant to be the last one too. After the v20.40 Fortnite update, there are so many new things for the players and one of those is the new Point of Interest (POI), the collider.

There have been so many POI in the game previously and Collider is the latest one. Titled Towers, Lazy Lake, Retail Row, and Daily Bugle are some of the POI of Fortnite. But, as for now let’s know more about the collider and how to survive it.

New POI of Fortnite, The Collider: Location And How To Survive It

The collider is situated almost at the center of the map and is visible when one opens the map on their screen. Moreover, it has a doomsday device which appears to be a giant tower.

Source: Everyday FN

As it is in almost the center and the new POI, it has become a new hot drop. So, in order to experience the location thoru8ghly, one needs to defeat so many enemies after landing. After landing to the collider players need to make it to the Seige cannons and then to the closest chest that one is able to find, or reach for the closest gun spotted.

To get away from the collider, here are some of the ways-

First Method: 

One of the common ways to get away from this new POI is by using numerous IO Launch Pads. One can use any one of the launch pads to launch and then players will be able to use their glider to glide away.

Second Method:

Another way to get away from the collider is by climbing into one of the Siege Cannons which are placed at the collider. Players will be able to use the alt-fire button to launch themselves into the sky.

Third Method:

The simplest and most common method to escape is by defeating all your enemies on the site by defeating your enemies. However, this might sound simple but with the number of players dropping, it might be a tough task.

Hope these methods will help you escape from the latest POI of Fortnite.

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