Latest Leaks From PBE Reveal Valorant To Focus On Fixing Bugs

Through the leaks this week PBE has been released with detailed information. It looks like in this week’s PBE Valorant has completely focused on fixing various bugs of different agents. So it means that finally the bug creating difficulties with Yoru and other agents are going to get fixed.

Jett, Astra, KAY/O, Viper, Chamber, Killjoy, Cypher, Skye were seen having in-game bugs. This week’s PBE is finally going to fix all the known issues of these agents. Given below is the complete information about the agents and their fixed issues.

What are Public Beta Environment servers in Valorant?

PBE or Public Beta Environment servers developed by Riot is a way through which different bugs creating problem in Valorant can be known. Valorant players can take this initiative of pointing out the issues and help the developers as it will eventually lead to the betterment of the game.

When a player opts into this server they receive a glance of future updates before they are officially presented. Through PBE, players will be able to test new agents, maps and other updates before they are introduced to the live servers. Players can report an issue or a bug which they face through the new updates. This will create an advantage that allows the developers to fix the issues faced by them before launching it officially.

However, PBE servers will be available only one weekend per patch. Every other weekend it will be available for players.

How to apply for Valorant PBE servers?

All the players from Valorant community can apply to be a part of PBE servers. Whether one will be selected or not depends entirely on Riot.

Here are the complete guidelines on how to apply for PBE servers

However, downloading and installing won’t give access to be a part of the PBE server. After the following the steps given above an email is received which assures the registration. On meeting the eligibility one can be considered for recruitment.

Riot mentions two eligibility requirements to be a part of PBE server. Firstly, only Valorant players from North America can opt in for this feature. Currently, players outside North America don’t have access to this feature. Secondly, one shouldn’t have faced any restrictions or his or her account shouldn’t have been banned in the past.

By fulfilling the above criteria one can apply for the given feature. However, Being selected or not completely depends upon Riot.

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