How To Rank-up Fast in Apex Legends Mobile: Explained With Tier And Ranked Points

Rankup Fast in Apex Legends Mobile: Apex Legends mobile is all set for its global launch on 17th May, which is just a few minutes away. Apex Legends is a battle royale game but is very much different from any other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite or Call of Duty Mobile.

One thing common in these games is the ranking. Alike other games, Apex Legends Mobile also has different tiers. Players can gain higher ranks by playing the game and performing well. But, how can one rankup fast or even faster in Apex Legends mobile? Let us know more about it in detail.

What Are The Different Ranks In Apex Legends Mobile?

There are a total of six different ranks in Apex Legends Mobile. Furthermore, each rank is distributed into different sub ranks(varying between 3 to 5).

Each player will receive Bronze III in the starting and in order to climb to Sliver, one needs to cross Bronze II and Bronze I. Similarly, to rank up, players will require to rank up through different sub ranks. Here are the ranks in detail:

  • Bronze: 1000-1600 Points (Sub-ranks: III, II, I)
  • Silver: 1600-2400 Points (IV, III, II, I)
  • Gold: 2400-3400 Points (Sub-ranks: V, IV, III, II, I)
  • Platinum: 3400-4400 Points (Sub-ranks: V,IV,III,II,I)
  • Diamond: 4400-5400 Points (Sub-ranks: V, IV, III, II, I)
  • Master: 5400 Points (Sub-rank: I)

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How To Reach Highest Rank Quickly?

In order to rankup fast in Apex Legends mobile, one needs to take care of several points.

  • The first and most important one is gaining the Ranked Points(RP). According to EA, the RP in the Mobile version depends on the number of kills and assists. However, it doesn’t depend on the revives and on the healing done.
  • To make this happen and earn good RP points, one should prefer playing with friends or known teammates for better understanding. Playing with randoms might make you lose your Ranked points.
  • The third point is to not die earlier in the game. Even if the survival doesn’t matter, if you die earlier, you’ll be losing on kills and assists. So, make sure you play safe in the start and don’t die earlier.

Why Ranked Is Locked In Apex Legends Mobile? 

If you’re new to the game, the ranked will be locked for you. But don’t worry, keep playing the other modes and reach the level 10. Once you reach level 10, the ranked will be unlocked.

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