BMPS Week 2, Overall Standings And Points Table After Day 7

BMPS Week 2, Day 7 Points Table: BMPS is now live and on Saturday it finished its 7th day of the league stage. Moreover, we saw some change in the points table as many of the teams on top are trying something new and teams at the bottom are trying their best to finish in the top 16.

Teams like Hyderabad Hydras, Orange Rock and Team XO maintained their consistency and maintained their position on the first chart. Whereas Team Soul had a bad day as the team failed to bag huge points. However, that might not affect too much and Soul can afford to try new things as they have a pretty strong position in the points table.

OR Finishes On Top Of Points Table After Day 7 Of BMPS 

OR Esports maintained their top position after Day 7. The team secured 200 finish points in the league stages and also achieved the milestone of 400 points.

Team XO and OR Esports with 7 chicken dinners

Hydra official made their place into the top 5 with the help of their third chicken dinner which they claimed on the very first game. Despite having rough games, Team Soul maintained their 2nd spot and now they have a lead of 11 points over Team XO.

bmps points table
Walkout tasted their first chicken dinner of BMPS league stage on the final game of Day 7

Walkouts somehow managed to make their way into the top 16 and they finished on 13th.

bmps points table

Despite winning the game on Vikendi, RTR found themselves on the last chart. Teams on the last chart have now 5 more days of game to make their way into the top 16 and qualify for the BMPS Season 1 finals.

Match Report

Bmps teams

Hydra officials clinched their third winner winner chicken dinner of the tournament and made their claims strong for the top 16. Team XO also clinched chicken dinner on the second Erangle after losing the second position to Hyderabad Hydras in the first Miramar.

Table-toppers Orange Rock dominated the second Miramar match and clinched the winner winner chicken dinner with 22 kills.

  • Match-1 winner (Erangle): Hydra Official
  • Match-2 winner(Miramar): Hyderabad Hydras
  • Match-3 winner (Vikendi): Retribution RTR
  • Match-4 winner (Erangle): Team XO
  • Match-5 winner (Miramar): Orange Rock
  • Match-6 winner (Erangle): Walkouts

On 29th May, the final match of Week 2 of BMPS Season 1 will be played. Week 3, which will be the final week will start from 2nd June.

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