BMPS Week 2, Day 8: Overall Standings, Points Table And Match Reports

BMPS Week 2, Day 8 Points Table: The 4th day of Week 2 and overall 8th day of BMPS League stages came to an end on 29th May. As expected, once again the matches delivered spot-on entertainment when 24 teams battled on 4 different matches.

OR Esports increased their Winner winner chicken Dinner tally to 9 and maintained their top position. On the other hand, Team Soul once again had a decent day mostly because of their experiments. But, teams on top can afford to do those experiments as they have a mammoth lead.

Teams from the bottom 8 like Marcos Gaming and WSF grabbed their first win on the day.

Overall Standings, Points Table After Day 8, Week 2 of BMPS Season-1

OR Esports remained the table toppers and will move into Wekk 3 as leaders in overall standings. However, Team Soul slipped to third with sharing equal points with Team XO.

Bmps day 8 overall standings
Team XO and Team Soul with 350 points each

7sea esports remained the only team on first list to be in top 7 without a chicken dinner.

Teams like R Esports and INS ended the 8th day on high note and solidified their position into the top 16.


Despite clinching a chicken dinner on 8th day, WSF and Marcos Gaming found themselves on the last sheet. The teams from 17th to 24th need to make most of the Week-3 inorder to qualify for the BMPS Finals.

Bmps day 8 overall standings
Marcos Gaming and Esportswala X WSF won their first game of BMPS Season 1 on Day 8th

Match Report

  • Match-1 (Erangle): R Esports (Group B x Group C)

R Esports started their day in style and bagged the first chicken dinner of the day and their first one on the league stages. This gave them a strong boost to finish in the top 16 as they finished 15t after Day 7th. Team Soul also performed well and finished 3rd with 11 kills.

  • Match-2 (Miramar): EsportswalaXWSF (Group A x Group C)

The first match of the map of Miramar of Day 8th was conquered by EsportsWal WSF. After R Esports, this team became the second one to open their winner winner chicken dinner account on Day 8th.

  • Match-3 (Vikendi): Orange Rock (Group A x Group B)

Table toppers Orange Rock continued their domination as bagged their 8th chicken dinner of the BMPS Season-1 league stages.

OR collected 22 points whereas Nigma Galaxy also managed to collect 19 kills by finishing 2nd with 7 kills.

  • Match-4 (Erangle): Orange Rock (Group A x Group B)

Orange Rock increased their winner winner chicken dinner tally to 9 and almost ensured their first position for BMPS Season 1 league stages. The team bagged 23 points to solidify their top position.

  • Match-5 (Miramar): Marcos Gaming (Group B x Group C)

Marcos Gaming tasted their first chicken dinner of the tournament all thanks to one man, MSxDionysus. Dionysus clutched a 1vs3 at the end to keep the hopes alive of Marcos Gaming for top 16.

Marcos Gaming bagged 18 points and the last three kills were the only ones. Furthermore, Big Brother esports collected the maximum points from the game which was 20 by finishing 2nd.

  • Match-6 (Erangle): Team INS (Group A x Group C)

Bmps day 8

Team INS conquered the final match of Erangle claimed their second victory of the tournament. Moreover, with the help of this win, INS maintained their top 16 position at the end of Week 2.

Now Week 3 will start from 2nd June which will be the final week of BMPS Season-1 league stages. Teams finishing on top 16 will qualify for the BMPS finals.

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