BMOC Round 4, Day 3 Results, List Of Qualified Teams And Overall Standings Here

BMOC Round 4, Day 3 Qualified Teams And Overall Standings: BGMI’s one of the most awaited tournaments of the year, Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge also known as BMOC is in its final stage. The tournament has already surprised many as favorited teams like Godlike and Entity failed to secure the top 6 spot which would have qualified them for BMPS.

The 3rd day of Round 4 was as exciting as the other 2. A total of 16 teams battled on three different maps for 6 games to secure the top 6 spots.

Just like Day-2, Day-3 also brought a lot of surprises and some of the underdog teams came on top. Fan-favorite teams like Team Xspark and BGIS 2021 Champion Skylightz Gaming failed to secure the top 6 spot.

List Of Qualified Teams From BMOC Round 4, Day 3

A total of 16 teams played on Day-3. As usual, there were 8 invited teams and 8 qualified teams who came from the qualifications. Here is the list of all the 16 teams which played on Day-3:

BMOC day 3 qualified teams
List of the 16 teams playing on Day-3 of Round 4 of BMOC
  • Walkouts
  • WSF Esports
  • UP50 Esports
  • Team Currency
  • Team Glacier
  • Cratic Esports
  • Aslaa Esports
  • Orange Rock Esports
  • Skylightz Gaming
  • Team Insane Esports
  • Team X Spark
  • 7 Sea Esports
  • Team 8bit
  • Team MG
  • Reckoning Esports
  • Team Bravery

List of Qualified Teams For BMPS

source: esportsamaze

Invited teams like Reckoning Esports, Team 8Bit, Skylightz Gaming, and Team Xspark failed to secure the top 6 spot and these teams will not appear in the BMPS.

OR Esports topped the table and finished on top. Here is the list of qualified teams:

  • OR Esports
  • WSF Esports
  • Walkouts
  • UP50 Esports
  • 7Sea Esports
  • Marcos Gaming

Match Reports

Match-1: WSF Esports Tastes The First Chicken
None of the invited teams made it into top 4 4 of the points table in the first game

One of the underrated teams in the group, WSF clinched the first chicken dinner on the map of Erangle. UP 50 esports finished second, thanks to the composure by one of the players Aditya.

Invited teams like Team X spark and Orange Rock were eliminated earlier.

Match-2: Playzone Shakes Hands With OR Esports To Hand Them Chicken Dinner

BMOC day 3 qualified teams
Team Xspak bagged 7 points from the 2nd game

The 2nd game of Day-3 was played on Miramar. This time one of the invited teams, OR Esports clinched the chicken dinner. UP50 once again finished 2nd in the game and maintained their consistency.

Team XSpark yet again failed to convert it big. However, the BGIS Champions team, Skylightz gaming finished 3rd.

Match-3: Aslaa Esports Denies 7SEA Esports From Claiming The Victory

The soil of Sanhok witnessed some of the most intense fights on Day-3. Yet again, qualified teams dominated the lobby and came out on top.

Aslaa esports bagged the chicken dinner. The situation at the end was a 3 vs 3 where the qualified team eliminated 7sea esports to taste their first chicken dinner in Roun-4.

Match-4: Team Currency Wins Erangle

The fourth game was played on Erangle and yet again a qualified team from qualifiers clinched the chicken dinner, Furthermore, Team Currency came on top with 13 kills and took a step forward towards the BMPS qualification.

Team Skylightz Gaming and Xspark again failed to perform big and were not in the top 8.

Match-5: OR Esports Bags Their Second Chicken Dinner

OR Esports once again conquered Miramar and won their second match. However, early elimination of invited teams like Team XSpark and Skylightz Gaming made it tough for them.

So, it all came down to the last match in Erangle for these invited teams.

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