New Bug In Valorant Which Is Rewarding Wrong Gun Buddy In Episode 5

Valorant Episode 5 Gun buddy Bug: Valorant’s Episode 5 has now ended the new update 6.0 has introduced the new Episode 6 in the game. Moreover, ranked players were supposed to receive gun buddies after the end of the Episode, but there seems to be a glitch that players are facing.

Several players came on Twitter to highlight the bug with the Episode 5 gun buddy.

How To Claim Free Gun Buddy In Valorant AFter Episode 5?

Valorant announced that ranked players will receive the gun buddies after the end of the Episode 5. However, some Ascendant players are receiving gun buddies of diamond rank, which might be frustrating for the players.

Ascendant is higher in rank in Valorant when compared to Diamond and so it’s not fair for those ranked players. On the other hand, some players also claimed that they haven’t received any gun buddies.

Notably, players don’t need to do anything in order to claim the gun buddies as Valorant is adding them into every player’s collection according to their rank. So, players can check their collection section in order to confirm if they have received it or now.

Coming back to the Ascendant gun buddies, Valorant has confirmed that they are working on this, and will be fixed soon.

The tweet read, “Heads up that we’re aware of and investigating a bug that is rewarding the incorrect Episode 5 Ranked Gun Buddy in some cases. We’ll follow up when a fix is out.” 

What Are Episode 5, Gun Buddies?

Valorant does this at the end of every episode, handing a gun buddy o the ranked players based on their previous episode’s rank. Here is the gun buddy images players will receive after the episode 5.

Source: Mike Valor Leaks

So, as per Valorant’s tweet, players will soon receive their correct gun buddy, which is the issue with Ascendant players.

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