List Of Teams Qualified For The VCT APAC Challenges Stage-2 And Their Groups

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Asia Pacific (APAC) stage-2 is under its way. Valorant community seems to be excited after the detailed structure of the matches are announced. The tournament is going to start from 9th June 2022.

The tournament will start with its Play ins scheduled from June 9th until June 12th. Further, the group stage will commence from 15th of June and last until the 20th of the same month. The tournament will finally conclude with its playoffs starting from June 23rd and finals taking place on June 26th.

All the qualified teams from the Asia Pacific region for the tournament will participate. The matches will be excited to watch as it brings the top teams from this particular region to compete for the trophy.

Complete List of Qualified Teams For APAC VCT Stage 2 


Various teams from Asia Pacific region have engaged in various local tournaments over last few months to ensure their spot for this tournament. However, only a few teams have managed to enter the tournament showing their dominance.

Here are the full list of teams qualified for the tournament starting from June 9th.

The tournament will start with its play in tournament. Below are the list of teams according to their group who will have to win play ins to ensure their spot for the group stage.

  • Play Ins

  1. Group A
  • Boom Esports – Indonesia
  • Made in Thailand – Thailand
  • CERBERUS Esports – Vietnam
  • Enigma Gaming – South Asia

2. Group B

  • Bleed Esports – Malaysia and Singapore
  • Rex Regum Qeon – Phillipines
  • Team Big BAAM – Vietnam
  • Ghetto Artist – Hong Kong and Taiwan

After the conclusion of play-ins, the tournament will further head towards its group stage. All the qualified teams and the winners of play in the tournament will get a chance to represent their region. Here are the full list of teams according to their respective groups.

  • Group Stage
  1. Group A
  • Onic Esports – Indonesia
  • Gaimin Gladiators – Malaysia and Singapore
  • Griffin E-Sports – Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • TBD

2. Group B

  • XERXIA – Thailand
  • Alter Ego – Indonesia
  • Global Esports – South Asia
  • TBD

3. Group C

  • Paper Rex – Malaysia and Singapore
  • Oasis Gaming – Philippines
  • Order – Oceania
  • TBD

4. Group D

  • Team Secret – Philippines
  • FW Esports – Thailand
  • Fancy United Esports – Vietnam
  • TBD

The group stage will continue till 20th June. All the qualified teams from the group stage will further head towards the playoffs.

The finals will be held on 26th June. The qualified teams from the playoff tournament will head towards the finals. The winner of the finals will clinch victory of the tournament and take the trophy home.

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