Latest Leaks Hints Comeback Of BGMI On Google Playstore

It’s been more than 8 months since the Government of India banned one of the most played battle royale mobile games in India, BGMI. Since the ban, players have been waiting eagerly for the game to be unbanned with some changes, but are yet to get a green signal. However, a ray of rope recently emerged when a YouTube channel showed some glimpses of bgmi on playstore.

Several leaks have emerged in the past, but none of them have exactly delivered the exact happenings around the game. So, without ado, let’s have a look.

BGMI To Make A Comeback On Playstore This Month?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most favorite and played games among Indian mobile gamers. Moreover, the wait is now getting longer, but this hint might give them some ray of hope.

Recently a famous YouTube channel of BGMI highlights, Phoneocean, uploaded a video, where a user was seen searching BGMI on his browser. The user, Shaa on his Instagram stories uploaded 4 stories where he was able to see BGMI’s website having playstore theme on it.

However, when searched, this is not the case and it might be available only for some users. The BGMI website still has two download links but when clicked it pops up with an error message.

Other Leaks Which Suggest Battlegrounds Mobile India Will Be Unbanned Soon

Earlier, during the Q&A session of Q4 report call, the CEO of Krafton, Changhan Kim, stated that they are putting a lot of effort to bring the back in India. He also said with, “the company believes that in 2023 all the regional uncertainties will be mitigated resulting in a positive response.”

However, an official announcement regarding the ban of the game is yet to be made and only time will tell if these are just some other leaks or if are they genuine.

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