Know When Iron Man Zero Will Arrive In Fortnite And What Are The Items In Bundle

Iron Man Zero Bundle Items And Release Date In Fortnite: Fortnite is one of the games which is more famous for its collaboration game. The battle royale game is up again with a very famous collaboration, that too with Marvel. This season has been full of Marvel collaborations and players witnessed some interesting skins based on Marvels’ characters.

Moreover, now based on the Zero War theme, Fortnite will be releasing Iron Man Zero set in the game. Also, there will be a loading screen based on the same theme. So, let’s know more about the collaboration when it will be released, and what are the items in it.

Items Available In Iron Man Zero Set In Fortnite

Fortnite has released the fifth issue of the Zero War in the theme collaboration based on the Marvel x Fortnite collaboration. Earlier, the fourth issue was released along with a Wolverine outfit.

So far in the fifth issue, players have been able to unlock the following items:

  • Spider-Man Zero outfit
  • Stark Seven Wrap
  • Adamantium Claws Pickaxe
  • Snikt! Snikt! Spray

Leakers of the game have decrypted the new upcoming items from the set and these are they:

  • Iron Man Zero Skin
  • Iron Man Emote
  • Repulsor Pack Back Bling
  • Zero War Frontlines Loading Screen
  • Bladed Gauntlet Pickaxe

There will be also a new loading screen based on the same theme including with the skins and emote.

Moreover, players will have the option to select skin styles as there will be three different options available. They can choose the color of the skin, whether they want the helm on or off, and the type of visor they want in the game.

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How To Get The Iron Man Zero Skin For Free?

Players will be rewarded with the Iron Man Zero skin if they bought all five comics and redeemed the code provided with each one. Also, the loading skin will be available for the ones who bought issue 5.

In case, you missed it, the set will be available in the item shop and players will be able to purchase it from there.

Release Date Of The Iron Man Zero In Fortnite

The Iron Man Zero will be available in the item shop of Fortnite from 28th September. So, players will be able to buy it from the item shop from September 28th.

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