Is Valorant Mobile or Beta Version Going To Get Released In 2022?

Valorant Mobile or Beta Version Release Date 2022: In a very short span of time, Valorant has become one of the favorites for gamers who love FPS games. The game has unique game mechanics but is also very similar to some famous games like CS: GO and Overwatch.

After the massive success of the game, the developers announced that the game will be available for mobile in the future and they’re working on it. This announcement came as a blessing for mobile gamers, considering the game’s popularity and its enticing mechanism. But even after more than a year after making the announcement, Valorant mobile doesn’t seem close to being released for the platform.

So, when Valorant mobile will come? Let us know here.

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All You Need To Know About The Mobile Version Of Valorant

Valorant is a five vs five first-person shooting game where players select different agents before going into the matches. With the help of these agents’ abilities, players need to win at least 13 rounds in order to win a match.

The game received great reactions from gaming fans and in no time became one of the most talked about games. Interestingly, several CS: GO players retired from the game to pursue new career in Valorant. The game also saw a massive rise in the streaming field, where popular streamers like Shroud, Hiko and Tarik started playing the game on stream.

Valorant Mobile release date

After a mammoth success of Valorant, Riot Games announced that the second platform to have the game will be Mobile. Considring the fact that mobile games grew rapidly after the launch of PUBG Mobile, several FPS games developers like Call of Duty and Apex Legends took the same route.

However, the launch of Valorant mobile or its beta version remains speculative even after getting announced more than a year ago. There were several leaks regarding the same, but, no official announcements have been made.

But in the timespan several leaks have emerged as a ray of hope for the gamers. Let us have a look:

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Valorant Mobile Leaks So Far

The first leak, but a shot one came in February when Valorant Mobile officially started hiring for Product Manager. In a post, it can be seen that Valorant mobile is hiring for a role.

The second big leak came in February 2022, where a glimpse of Valorant beta was leaked. The leak confirmed that it that the Valorant mobile will first release on beta version before releasing officially.

The leaked image showed that players who will get the access of Valorant mobile beta will be able to invite 5 of their players to test the game.

The biggest leak of all came in April, where a glimpse of the Valorant mobile gameplay was seen.

In few images, it was seen that Valorant mobile will have the same kind of matchmaking screen and game mechanics. One of the agents Jett was seen holding a ‘Classic’ pistol on the map of Ascent in the buy time.

But does these hints give any idea about the release date of Valorant Mobile?

Expected Release Date Of Valorant Mobile or Beta Version

Several players and streamers have speculated that the game might arrive in 2022 as there are still 3 months left in the year. However, the game looks far from release as of now, because of low presence from the developers on promotion or giving hints.

Valorant will first announce the game, then the pre-registration will start, which generally lasts for 30-40 days. Then, the beta testing and then the game will be officially released. So, as of now, Valorant mobile or even its beta version seems to be away for atleast 3-4 months from release and the chances of releasing the game in 2022 is very low. However, this is just a speculation based on the timelines of the game and other factors.

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Will Valorant Mobile Be Released For Android And iOS? 

Valorant Mobile will be releasing for both iOS and Android. Moreover, players can pre-register the Valorant Mobile on Tap-tap. And when the game will be released, they might be one of the first ones to experience it.

How To Pre-Register For Valorant Mobile?

Follw these steps to pre-register Valorant mobile on Tap-tap:

Step-1: Visit Tap Tap website and search for Valorant mobile. Or click on the link here.

Step-2: Login with your Tap Tap account

Step-3: Click on the pre-registration button. (There are two, one for iOS and one for Android. So, click on according to your device)

And in these simple steps, you’ll pre-register the game. Players can also rate Valorant mobile on Tap Tap on the same page.

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