How To Use And Get Free Shovel Of Obstacles In Clash Of Clans

COC Shovel of Obstacles: Clash of clans is in its 10th year and the game still holds a special place in mobile gamers’ hearts. Moreover, the strategy-based game has changed a lot since its release, and now some interesting features in the game.

One of the latest editions in the game is a equipment called Shovel of Obstacles. Furthermore, the equipment might not be one of the most famous ones but it has something to do in your village. So, let’s know what is the use of this, shovel of obstacles, and how to get them.

Use Of Shovel Of Obstacles In Clash Of Clans

Shovel of Obstacles is a equipment, which will help the villagers to remove obstacles from their field. As we all know, there are different obstacles in the village such as bush, trunks, trees and many others. If someone wishes to remove them, after spending few elixirs, the builders remove and players receive some points or some gems.

So, now with the help of these shovels of obstacles, players can actually place these obstacles and not really remove them from the village. In other words, this equipment can be helpful for players who really want to decorate their village with these obscatales.

Moreover, there are different other obstacles now in the game which can be used as decorations and one of them is the most recent one called the 10th-anniversary cake. So, players can now actually decorate their village with the help of this shovel of obstacles.

However, to use the shovel, make sure at least one of your builders is free and not all of them are busy working. So, at least one free builder is required to use the shovel. Now, let’s know how to get them.

How To Get Free Shovels in COC?

The most common method to obtain a shovel of obstacles is to buy the Gold pass of the month. Not to forget, sometimes you can also get in the free pass, but when you buy the Gold pass, you’ll get at least one for sure.

Another way of getting the shovel is by completing missions. There are missions ongoing named 10 years of clash. And players will receive a shovel when they’ll collect 9 stars from attacking.

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