How To Slide Kick In Fortnite And Dislodge a Runaway Boulder

Slide Kick Boulder In Fortnite: Fortnite is famous to add new tasks into the game which keeps the players hooked to the game. But sometimes, some tasks might become irritating and frustrating a little as they are not very easy to complete and players often find it difficult.

For this week, Fortnite added a runaway Boulder to the game, which players need to dislodge with the help of a slide kick. But, some of them are still unable to do so after trying for several times. So, let’s know more in detail and know how to complete the task.

How To Slide Kick In Fortnite?

Slide kick is an interesting feature added by the devs of the game. But do you know how to perform the slide kick in Fortnite? Let us help in case you’re unaware of that.

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Players can slide kick very simply by sprinting and then pressing the crouch button. Make sure you’re pressing the crouch button while sprinting and then you’ll see your character is now sprinting. Now, head towards the next task which is to find the Runaway Boulder.

Where To Find Runaway Boulder?

There are several boulders across the map. But, the easiest one can be found in the snowy mountains in the northwest region. Then, head towards the wast of the Rave cave.

On top of the mountain, you’ll find Runaway boulder. Now, let’s know how to dislodge the boulder with the help of a slide kick.

How To Dislodge Boulder With Slide Kick?

video source: Kanga Fortnite

As shown in the video above, players can slide kick into the boulder in order to dislodge it. Notably, it won’t be done with 1 or 2 kicks and it might become frustrating. So, make sure you’re performing the slide kick and harvesting it multiple times. Note that in this process, you might lose some HP.

Dislodging the boulder will give you experience points, which can be helpful in completing missions for the week.

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