WATCH: How Fracture Map In Valorant Looks Like On 5.07 PBE: Know The Changes Here

Valorant PBE 5.07, FRacture Map Changes: It looks like Valorant developers are trying to deploy some big updates in the coming time to the game. After huge flash buffs to agents like Reyna, Skye, KAY/O, and Yoru, it is said that Fracture will also receive some changes to it.

Famous leaker floaxy uploaded a video on his Twitter and gave a glimpse of the new Fracture map. After seeing the video, it is clear that the map will have some big changes that might change the game’s dynamic.

Fracture Map On Valorant PBE 5.07

Fracture was released in 2022 and is one of the game’s newest maps after Pearl. Moreover, the map is famous for its attack in nature as both its site has 2 entry points, opposite to each other.

However, this might have some changes as we can see in the video from floaxy. Have a look at the new look of Fracture:

The dish area on the A-site have some changes and some more space is added on the left side of the area. Further, the area towards the satellite will also be changed and there will be a straight entrance instead of two other ways to take fight.


The Arcade side of the B entrance will also have some expanded space. Moreover, there is a slope behind the Radiantite boxes on the B-site instead of 2-3 stairs.

Valorant Fracture
This area of the Valorant will also receive some changes

So, these are some of the important changes in the Fracture map, which we can see in the PBE 5.07.

The 5.07 is now being tested in the NA region and has some big changes tested.

Other Changes Tested In 5.07

Some other changes are being tested in the PBE 5.07. Reyna, Skye, KAY/O, and Yoru are the agents who will be receiving flash buffs in the game.

Moreover, Riot is also working on the collection section where players will be able to select favorite skins in their collection.

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