Global Esports Wins The Famous Val Clasico To Eliminate Velocity Gaming From The Tournament

Val Clasico is one of the biggest Valorant games in the South Asian region and everyone looks forward to it. Yet again, Velocity Gaming and Global esports were against each other on a big stage. This time, Global esports eliminated the VCC 2022 Stage-1 Champions to keep their VCT APAC Challengers hopes alive.

Global esports won the game by 2-0, not allowing Velocity gaming to take any of the maps.

Global Esports Comes On Top In The Val Clasico This Time At LAN 

SCS 2022 was the second time both the teams were up against on LAN. And as of now, Global esports leads the Val Clasico at LAN by 2-0.

Global esports picked the map Bind whereas Velocity Gaming went for Breeze. Global esports started well on Bind and had a lead of 8-4. However, Velocity refused to give up early and came as close as 12-11. However, this time Global esports refused, for going to extra time and closed the map.

The second map was completely dominated by Global Esports and it was clearly visible that the men in blue and red came with some homework done. GE threw SK Rossi on Reyna which came as a surprise for Velocity and they failed to take that.

Velocity gaming who were the champions of last VCC and represented South Asia in VCT APAC are now eliminated.

Match-1: Bind

Global Esports won the map of Bind by a close margin. However, the score was mostly in the favor of Global esports until the swap(8-4), they struggled in the second half of the game.

Most importantly, they won the most important round of the game and avoided the over time.

  • Score: 13-11 (Global Esports)
  • MVP: GE Skillz (22 kills with Brimstone)

Match-2: Breeze

Val Clasico

Although Breeze was a map pick of Velocity Gaming, it was Global esports who dominated the map. Velocity gaming were totally scattered from the start and it clearly was visible on the final score line.

Global esports won the map by 13-5 to win the famous Val Classico of Valorant.

  • Score: 13-4 (Global Esports)
  • MVP: GE SK Rossi(21 kills with Reyna)

What’s Next For Global Esports?

Global Esports will not take on Orangutan Gaming in the next game of lower bracket. Moreover, the winner of the game will confirm their slot for VCT APAC Challengers Stage-2.

Global Esports and Orangutan faced each other at SCS where Orangutan won the game by a close margin. The winner of the next game will face Enigma Gaming in the finals who have already qualified for the VCT APAC.

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