Global Esports Wins Skyesports Champions Series

Global Esports beats Enigma Gaming to clinch the finals of Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) – Phase 3 Road to VCT 2022. The match was supposed to be played in five different maps. Both the teams were also given chances to ban a particular map. Enigma gaming banned Breeze whereas Global eSports banned Icebox. The remaining five maps to be played were Ascent, Split, Haven, Fracture and Bind respectively.

The playing five from Enigma gaming were; Antidote, Excali, Rexy, Rvk and rawfiul. GE on the other hand consisted of HellrangR, Lightningfast, KappA, skillZ and SkRossi as their playing five. The team winning the first three rounds was supposed to be crowned winner. However, the match ended in its fifth and final round.

Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming

As mentioned above the match was supposed to be held as best of five in five different maps.

Here are the complete details of the winners of all the five maps.

  1. Ascent ( Winner: Enigma Gaming)

The first map to be played on was Ascent. Both the teams geared up for their first match in SCS grand finals. Both the teams played with their full power taking the game to overtime. However, Enigma gaming won the match by a margin of 14 wins to 12.

RvK was crowned as the most valuable player killing 22 men and making 8 important assist.

2. Split ( Winner: Global Esports)

The second map chosen by Global Esports was Split. This match was considered as the most dominant round by GE. They secured an easy win by winning 13 rounds and only losing in 6 rounds.

Skrossi emerged as the most valuable player killing 20 men making 6 assists for his team.

3. Haven ( Winner: Enigma Gaming)

The third map supposed to be played was Haven. Enigma gaming buckled up and came back stronger this time. They clinched the victory by a margin of 13 wins to 11 loss.

However, this round took some serious turns in each round played. Rawfiul became the MVP during this round making 23 kills and giving 2 assists.

4. Fracture ( Winner: Global Esports)

Global Esports came back stronger during this round. The map to be played on was Fracture. The team won both matches with a huge margin.

This time Global Esports won 13 games again and lost on 8 of the rounds played. Rawfiul once again emerged as the MVP making 25 important kills for the team.

5. Bind ( Winner: Global Esports)

After the end of first four rounds the score line was 2:2. Hence, the last map .i.e. Bind was going to be the decider of winners of Skyesports Champions Series – Phase 3 Road to VCT 2022.

Global Esports not only won the last match but also SCS finals. Skrossi once again came as the MVP helping his team to win the finals.

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