FunPlus Phoenix vs Karmine Corp VCT LOCK//IN 2023: Karmine Corp Send FPX Home After Nivera And Sh1n’s Heroic

On the 2nd day of VCT LOCK//IN 2023, Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix were taking on the team from EMEA League, Karmine Corp. Interestingly, the newest map of Valorant, Lotus made its debut in the official tournament as FPX picked the map. Karmine Corp defeated FPX by 2-1 to advance into the next round.

Moreover, the game was also the first game of the tournament, which went into Map-3 as the previous 2 games of LOCK//IN were finished by a scoreline of 2-0.

FunPlus Phoenix vs Karmine Corp VCT LOCK//IN 2023 Match Result

Map Picks

FPX banned the Icebox, which might be one of the favorites for Karmine Corp and Scream. However, the Pacific team picked Lotus. On the other hand, Karmine Corp picked Haven and at the end, Pearl remained as the decider.


Surprisingly, both the teams lost on their map picks, which sent the game into mAP-3. Nivera’s insane plays on Omen and with good team effort, Karmine Corp managed to secure the first map.

However, the EMEA team failed to carry the momentum in their map pick and lost it. But, they cleanly finished Map-3 in their favor after Sh1n’s and Nivera’s insane shots.

MVP Of The Match

Sh1n was voted the MVP of the match with the most number of votes. He managed to secure the most number of kills(57) playing as Fade(on Pearl and Haven) and Viper(On Lotus) in the match.

Nivera also came close to him and bagged some important frags for his team with the Operator. Here is the full scorecard of players:

Karmine Corp

Players ACS Kills Assists
ScreaM 229 50 20
Newzera 120 25 17
Nivera 268 54 15
XMS 160 34 13
SHIN 279 57 19


FunPlus Phoenix

Players ACS Kills Assists
nizhaoTZH 162 35 16
YuChEn 189 40 20
Yuicaw 190 42 7
berLIN 182 34 23
AAAAY 202 39 20


Match Report of Karmine Corp vs FPX VCT LOCK//IN 2023

Map-1: Lotus (Karmine Corp Win 13-6)

Despite being a map pick by FPX, Karmine Corp started things brightly and lead the game till halftime by 8-4. They carried the momentum into the second half and closed the map with a scoreline of 13-6.

Karmine Corp and FPX both were seen playing on the dual controller and dual initiator setup. Interestingly, there were no duelists seen on the map from either side.

Karmine Corp vs FPX Score
Image Source: Valorant Champions Tour YouTube

Nivera dominated the game with an ACS of 321 and 21 kills. XMS and Shin also managed to secure 17 and 20 kills respectively. For FPX, AAAY was their star man on Skye with 16 kills and 256 ACS.

  • Final Score: 13-6
  • Most Kills: Nivera (ACS: 321, K/D/A: 21 / 11 / 5)

Map-2: Haven (FPX Win By 13-8)

Haven was a map pick by Karmine Corp, but the team faced hard resistance from FPX in the first half. Despite being an aggressive favored map, Karmine managed to secure only 6 rounds in the first half, that too with some struggle.

Karmine Corp Valorant results
Image Source: Valorant Champions Tour YouTube

FPX on the other hand proved why Haven is still an attacking side’s map and secured the game by 13-8.

  • Final Score: 13-8
  • Most Kills: Yuichaw (ACS: 235, K/D/A: 20 / 11 / 2) and Scream (ACS: 276, K/D/A: 20 / 16 / 8)

Map-3: Pearl (Karmine Corp Win 13-6)

Karmine Corp with no resistance cleared the Pacific team from the map to win the match. Thanks to some clean shots by Nivera on Operator, and first dominance by Sh1n who was 17/3 at one point of time in the game.

  • Final Score: 13-6
  • Most Kills: Shin (ACS: 379, K/D/A: 25 / 9 / 4)

Karmine Corp now advances to the next round, but they are still 2 games away from securing their qualification to the Playoffs.

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You can watch the live stream of the match on Valorant Champions Tour’s official YouTube channel.

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