Everything You Need To Know About Valorant Agent 21: Codename, Origin, Release Date And Agent Type

Valorant Agent 21 Codename, Origin, Release Date, And Agent Type: Agent Number 21 is all set to join the roster of Valorant agents. And just like any other agent of Valorant, this will also have 4 abilities, including the ultimate ability.

According to several leaks, there have been many details, which came about this agent. Recently, Valorant leaked the name and the first look of the agent.

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Origin And Codename of Valorant Agent 21 

The original name of the agent was not revealed earlier and was codenamed Mage. Furthermore, his name might be an Indian name as he originates from India as per hints provided by Valorant themselves. But, now his name is revealed which is Harbour. Earlier, Valorant dropped an image with Chai Samos(an Indian snack), where one can see the famous Gateway of India.

Then, recently, Valorant dropped a video on their Twitter handle, where Killjoy was seen decoding a location, which was again India.

And the latest one was released on 10th October, where an Indian name ‘Awantika’ was mentioned along with the word ‘Dhaba’.

So, it is sure that Valorant’s agent number 21 is going to be from India.

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When it comes to the agent type, then Mage will be a controller agent, who will have abilities of water. For example, Skye has abilities made of creatures and KAY/O’s abilities are robotics.

Release Date Of New Agent

The official release date is not revealed yet, but in most cases, the new agents are released in a new Act. So, the new Act is away only a few days, which means we might see the agent when the new Act is released.

Harbour’s Impact on Valorant

Harbour will be the 5th controller of the game, which will give players more options to choose from. Earlier, there were only four, Omen, Viper, Brimstone, and Astra. Astra was the last controller agent to get added in the game.

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