Crosshair Settings And Code Of Pro Valorant Players Of Team Secret: Invy, Jremy, Dubstep, JessieVash And Borkum

Crosshair Codes Of Team Secret Valorant Players: Team Secret is one of the most renowned Valorant teams from the Pacific region. And now, they will be playing in the VCT LOCK//IN 2023, where the team will face EMEA side Team Liquid. Team Secret has added new members in order to strengthen and make the team ready for the VCT 2023 season.

Possibly in the first game, we will see Invy, Jremy, Dubstep, JessieVash, and Borkum in the lineup against Team Liquid. Crosshairs used by these players are quite unique and if you want to copy the codes and use the same crosshair as them, here are they.

Crosshair Codes Of Team Secret Valorant Players

In an FPS game like Valorant, the aim plays one of the most important roles in order to win the duel. And the crosshair which players use also decides what your aim is. Even if you have a very good aim, a bad crosshair might ruin it. So, if you don’t want to spend much time figuring out the right crosshair, here are some codes of crosshairs, which Team Secret players use.

  • Invy

Invy’s crosshair is black in color and has a centre dot. Moreover, the crosshair is a little thick, so some players might find it hard to get used to it. Here are the codes-

Crosshair codes of Invy: 0;s;1;P;o;1;f;0;0t;1;0l;1;0o;2;0a;0;0f;0;1t;1;1l;1;1v;3;1o;3;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0;S;o;0.8

  • Jremy

Jremy crosshair can be said same as Invy, but without the centre dot. The crosshair is white in color. So, if you want to copy his crosshair, here the codes:

Crosshair codes of Jremy: 0;P;h;0;0l;4;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1t;1;1l;1;1o;5;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0

  • Dubstep

Dubstep’s crosshair is the same as Jremy’s and also has the same color. It might be strange to see two Valorant players in the same team with almost the same crosshair.

Crosshair codes of Dubstep: 0;P;h;0;0l;4;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1t;1;1l;1;1o;5;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0

  • JessieVash

JessieVash’s crosshair is a dot crosshair, which is green in color. Here are the codes:

Crosshair codes of JessieVash: 0;P;c;1;o;1;d;1;0t;0;0l;0;0o;0;0a;0;0f;0;1t;0;1l;0;1o;0;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0

  • Borkum

Borkum crosshair might not be an ideal choice for many players as it is thick and big. However, if you still want to copy his crosshair, here are the codes:

Crosshair codes of Borkum: 0;s;1;P;c;1;h;0;0l;4;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;o;1

Know How To Use Crosshair Codes In Valorant

Valorant players can now use the crosshairs of any other player in the game. This helps a lot, as earlier, players used to set the crosshair manually by changing numbers. Now, they can simply copy the codes, as one given above, and paste them into their game to use them. But where to paste it?

In order to copy a crosshair code, type the code “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” in the in-game chat.

And to paste the code copied, follow the steps:

  • Step-1: Click on settings and then go to the crosshair section
  • Step-2: General >>> Crosshair Profile
  • Step-3: Then click on Import Profile Code
  • Step-4: Paste the copied crosshair code
  • Step-5: And now click Import

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