Crosshair Settings And Code Of Pro Valorant Players Of Team Heretics: Mixwell, Zeek, Boo, Avova and Keloqz

Crosshair Code of Valorant Players Of Team Heretics Mixwell, Zeek, Boo, Avova, and Keloqz: Team Heretics is surely going to be one of the fan-favorite teams for EMEA fans, as it has some of the best players from the region. The team has 4 former G2 Esports players, 1 Acend player, and 1 OG LDN UTD player. Mixwell, Avova, Zeek and Keloqz have earlier played together as a team for G2. On the other hand, Zeek has won a Champions with Acend.

So, if you want to try the crosshair of these star players, here are the codes.

Valorant Crosshair Code Of Mixwell, Zeek, Boo, Avova, and Keloqz

Team Heretics can be seen playing in the upcoming VCT LOCK//IN tournament in Brazil. Moreover, in the very first game, they’ll face a team from the American region, Evil Geniuses. The match surely going to be exciting as both the teams are packed with star players.

Furthermore, if you want to try crosshair of players of Team Heretics, here are the codes:

  • Mixwell

Mixwell is one of the favorite players among EMEA fans since his CS: GO days. He carried his same form into Valorant and has played several major tournaments with G2 Esports. If you want to try his crosshair codes, here are they:

Crosshair codes of Mixwell- 0;p;0;s;1;P;o;1;f;0;0t;1;0l;2;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;A;o;1;d;1;0b;0;1b;0;S;s;0.359;o;1

  • Zeek

The former Acend man has won Valorant Champions in 2021. Here are the crosshair codes of the player, who is considered one of the most dominant controllers in the game:

Crosshair codes of Zeek: 0;s;1;P;u;003300FF;o;1;d;1;0t;0;0l;16;0v;11;0g;1;0o;0;0f;0;1b;0;S;c;0;s;1.417;o;1

  • Keloqz

Well known for his plays on Operator, Keloq’s crosshair is simple white in color. If you want to copy his codes, here are they:

Crosshair codes of Keloqz: 0;s;1;P;h;0;s;0;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;d;0

  • Avova

The former G2 man uses a cyan color crosshair, which might feel a little thick. Here are the codes for it:

Crosshair codes of Avova: 0;p;0;s;1;P;c;5;h;0;f;0;0l;4;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;A;h;0;0l;4;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0

  • Boo

Boo’s crosshair is amll, but thick and white in color. Here are the codes:

Crosshair codes of Boo: 0;p;0;s;1;P;u;000000FF;h;0;f;0;0l;4;0v;4;0g;1;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;A;o;1;d;1;0b;0;1b;0;S;c;1

How to Copy And Paste Crosshair Codes In Valorant?

Valorant now allows players to copy paste the link they want to. Moreover, the copy-pasting will help you to get a crosshair instantly and will not have to set everything manually.  For copying the codes, one simply needs to type the code “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” in the in-game chat and it will be copied.

And to paste the code copied, follow the steps:

  • Step-1: Go to the settings and then click on the crosshair section
  • Step-2: General > Crosshair Profile
  • Step-3: Click Import Profile Code
  • Step-4: Paste the crosshair code in the box
  • Step-5: Press Import

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